Thursday, September 13, 2007

Joe's Apartment

Do you hate cockroaches?.. well, in this movie.. I'm sure you'll love them.. the way they groove.. you will amaze for sure...
as the tagline goes "SEX BUGS ROCK 'N ROLL"..
it's a 1996 musical-serio-comic movie starring Jerry O'Connel and Megan Ward..
the focus of the story is that roaches can talk that is not known to humans..
I enjoy watching this movie and I'm pretty sure you'll enjoy it also..
Billy West, Jim Turner and Dave Chappelle are the actors providing the voice of the cockroach..
according to some sources this film was inspired by a Japanese film Gokiburi-Tachi no Tasogore also known as The Twilight of the Cockroaches in the USA.. and also the American short film Those Damn Roaches..
The movie started when Joe moves to New York to look for a job.. so the first thing he do is to look for an apartment.. not knowing that the apartment that he found is full of cockroaches.. at first the cockroaches don't want Joe to live in their house same as Joe.. he even think of a plan how to get rid of the roaches.. but nothing happens.. as time pass by.. he just let those roaches to live in his apartment.. when Joe meet the girl of his dream which is Lily.. he wanted to bring Lily to his apartment.. but Lily got disappointed because of what she discover.. so Lily left Joe alone.. the roaches saw the sadness in Joe's face.. so they think of a plan.. there's a junk yard near Joe's apartment.. the roaches call the help of all the roaches, rats and even insect to renovate the said junk yard into a beautiful garden.. Lily was so amazed in the transformation of the said yard.. and after fixing different problems of their own.. Joe and Lily decided to get married!!... they still live at Joe's apartment with those roaches..


Fruit species said...

I had seen this movie quite sometime back, quite funny with lots of roaches.